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Stories from the Book

Shu’s Story – Sapa, Vietnam

A 10-year-old Hmong girl takes us walking through the mountains, and into her life.

This Way More Better – Sapa, Vietnam

Here near the Chinese border, the hard work of hardwood logging is done entirely by hand.

The Plain of Jars – Northern Laos

It’s one of the most dangerous archaeological sites on the planet, still littered with old American bombs.

Getting to Sophoon – Northern Laos

It takes four days over bone-rattling terrain to travel from northern Thailand to this little village where a bomb-clearance team scours the land for ordnance.

Picturing Cambodia – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A writer archives her memories in photographs.

Running on Empty – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Mok Bonthoeun is one of the country’s greatest distance runners. Some days, he has no money for breakfast. This is how he trains.

Om’s Love – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

A Khmer professor recounts his marriage in tragic times.

Baking Break, Making a Living – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Caked in sweat and covered in soot, factory workers bake the city’s bread.

The Dancer King – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

An heir to the throne takes his place in a royal coronation.

The Splendors and Smells of Bangkok – Bangkok, Thailand

This is no city for soft souls or delicate noses.

An Oven in the Jungle – Pilok, Thailand

An Australian bakes cakes in her far-flung corner of the world, on the Burmese border.

A Little Sip of Yunnan in Northern Thailand – Mae Salong, Thailand

Former Kuomintang soldiers gave up their guns (and other business) to grow a supreme variety of oolong.

Eating My Way Through Krabi – Krabi, Thailand

This seaside paradise has fed 40,000 years of people.

After the Waves – Khao Lak, Thailand

Nothing but destruction and memories remain in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunamis.

Conversations With Exiles – Chiang Mai, Thailand

For years, Burmese journalists live in limbo, working from their undercover outpost.

Shan State Diaries – Shan State, Myanmar

The year is 2002, and the era is one of isolation and fear.

Inbox – Sapa, Vietnam

Sisters on the Sea – Various places, Indonesia

It’s a long, slow ferry from Bali to Timor, with ample time to talk with the women.

Dr. Dan – Dili, East Timor

One American doctor attempts to heal a nation.

Timor’s Caves of Liberation – Ile Kere Kere Caves, East Timor

These rocks hold the ancestors’ art and the legacies of independence fighters.

DiliDiliDiliDiliDiliDiliDili – Los Palos, East Timor

The passengers on the bus go round and round, round and round…

And We Eat Pig – Bario, Malaysia

A jungle trek turns into a pig hunt, Borneo style.

The Cradle of Wildlife – Various places, Sri Lanka

Wildlife still roams through the battle-scarred island.

Journeys on a Tea Train – Kandy to Haputale, Sri Lanka

It’s all floor seating on this serpentine journey through the inland hills.

The Sea Before – Various places, Sri Lanka

It’s life as usual on the island’s edge—until nature washes it away.

Tibetean Diary – Various places, Tibet

This is what people want you to know.

Stuck in Kolkata – Kolkata, India

A maelstrom of life sweeps through the streets of India.

Finding Shu – Sapa, Vietnam

After 11 years and countless miles, a reunion takes place in the far northern hills of Vietnam.